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Acorn Collective

Crowdfunding For Everyone

We’re helping fulfil crowdfunding’s promise of being a democratic, accessible way for small businesses to get funding. Current platforms are equity-backed, so they focus on projects that give them the best return — with high barriers to entry and often policies that all but shut out developing countries. We want to crowdfund crowdfunding. Our early backers are token holders, not equity holders, so they want an expansive platform that values a community project in Kenya as much as it does a tech project in California. The Acorn platform will be completely free to use in any country and for any legal purpose. With crowdfunding overtaking VC’s as the most popular way to get funded, and with a growing appetite for entrepreneurship in developing economies, there is a huge and proven market. Our team includes the ex-CTO of crowdcube, the worlds largest equity crowdfunding platform, along with Ian Scarffe, Desmond Marshall and an experienced commercial team. We’ll partner with successful accelerators globally to make free reward crowdfunding a reality. Please refer to the website for more the technical whitepaper.

Latest blog posts

About Acorn Collective

The Acorn Collective is using blockchain to help founders and startups find access to funding. We provide crowdfunding that is accessible, transparent and more likely to succeed.

It’s a huge and growing market in the West and a largely untapped market in most developing countries.

— Accessible Crowdfunding
We are more accessible than any other platform by allowing all countries and listing any legal & ethical project. Where other platforms charge 5-10% just for the crowdfund, we’ll do it for free. Our flexible funding structure means founders do not need excessive seed capital. Accelerators will help to introduce, vet and mentor projects.

— Project Success
Our Crowdfunding Engine improves campaign success rate. It provides the tools to execute successful crowdfunding campaigns, the statistics to make the right decisions and access to lists of backers with a proven history of supporting similar campaigns. Smart contract milestones can be used to release funds early.

— Blockchain Transparency
Blockchain provides full transaction transparency, resulting in increased trust and a higher crowdraise for the founders. All transactions are done via OAK, an Ethereum token. Projects’ spending can always be tracked, in turn making backers more willing to support a campaign with more money.

— Acorn Marketplace
An integrated Acorn marketplace provides campaign services from Acorn and 3rd parties. Post-crowdfunded projects have immediate access to list their own service or project on the marketplace. Founders will have optional premium access to data about backer trends and past campaigns to make the right decisions about their campaign. This improves success rates in the campaign and post-crowdfunding delivery stage.

— Attractive Tokenomics
OAK is a fixed supply ERC-20 token that is used in all transactions within the Acorn ecosystem, from crowdfunding, marketplace spending and external purchases via the Acorn payments gateway. Real utility means real demand for the token. The regulator has been notified of our ICO and has no objection to our legal advisor’s classification of our utility token.

— Early Incentives
The Project Incentive Fund, made up from a proportion of the ICO, provides generous and early incentives for backers and founders to join Acorn and adopt the OAK token. By rewarding projects to join our platform, we promote the rapid growth of the Acorn platform, as each crowdfunding campaign in turn recruits new users into our ecosystem. 300+ projects are already registered.



Solid advisors. What is the product? And there are no financials in the wp, altogether it all looks very theoretical

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Solid team! Great project!

I look forward to seeing the platform! Acorn has an awesome team and look forward to some big news from them!

No one has crowdfunded crowdfunding yet

Solid vision and great team. I like the simple and easy to understand website/whitepaper and other materials. There is a good market for this product if timeline is followed properly. All the best guys.

Good team with strong advisors and a good vision of how this project can influence the community. Woudl like to see a more advanced version of the product soon

Team: Good team with diversification
Vision: Great vision but the starting price for ICO in the context of the market is a bit high.
Product: The showcase looks promising but the is one point that I am concerned is how to ensure its buy-in globally especially start-ups from developing countries?

Since they have made some changes in the pitch here to address some of my criticisms I have upped the score.

Previous commentary below

You really should be talking about crowdfinancing, not crowdfunding if you are saying «most current platforms are equity-backed». Because most crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and are not being run under Jobs ACT crowdfinancing laws. A bit of a weak start in your pitch because what you are saying is not really true. Most crowdfunding platforms are using the ‘donation’ model where you might get product or swag, but you don’t get equity.

My job is to critique and help with my opinion and this is not a hit piece. I think the team is very very strong.

The Whitepaper is more like a ‘lightpaper’ — there’s no algorithms or math. It’s a deck if you ask me. Nice healthy distro for the pubic though — at 80 percent, but I hope you have enough to build product and keep it running afterwards. It’s not about greed it’s about allocation and ensuring you have enough capital yourselves to reward you for your hard work and ensure there’s budget for product, marketing, management etc. You are going to need a lot of marketing money to get traction in the market. I don’t see this raising 100m — the hard cap — in it’s current form. And opting for a «possible» second tranche if you don’t meet 50m might cause some reticence for some investors. when many ICOs burn the unsold tokens or redistribute to original investors.

I will up the marks if you improve the pitch.

Oh and Toomas — while you brag about your lengthy review — it appears you have plagiarized parts of it from:

At least according to a Google search for:

«Crowdfunding is a form of alternative finance, a practice or method to raise a desired sum of money from a large group of people via the internet, utilizing the social media version of fundraising.»

That’s not a review, that’s theft of intellectual property and another writer’s work. I am a writer so quite conscious of plagiarism. You need to give credit to your sources or it looks like you are stealing.

Thanks for rating our project, David!

You may be interested to know that we have since announced significant improvements to the platform.

Please take a look at our new whitepaper to see how the revised system will drastically improve success rates for projects while providing increased trust and transparency for backers.

This is a Solid management team with a proven track record of success in the financial and technology space. While I believe it is a worthy project, with so many new ICOs hitting the market we must ask ourselves, is this really a project for the blockchain? The main premise is that they will make crowdfunding free. However is this a real problem? Especially in light of the fact that they are essentially raising free money through donations. Current web based platform competitors like Kickstarter only charge between 3-5%. This is about the same amount that someone would pay to convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency if they needed to move money over to support their projects. In addition, with them providing more access to groups to raise money, there is the concern that you will have to few altcoins chasing to many projects and many projects will struggle to get funded and you will have a small few that will be successful. That said, It will be very interesting to follow this and see if the team is able to pull this off.

Thanks very much for the review! Your comment if I have it right about too few coins chasing too many project is an interesting one — we would expect the overall market cap for OAK tokens to go up as demand increases. As the projects have a dollar target that is converted to OAK, the market cap is unlikely to be exceeded by the total project requirement. We are not a place to raise ICOs, just traditional businesses.

With the fees issue, it’s certainly important, but it isn’t the main point, which is making crowdfunding available in more countries with better business support and in a way that encourages community businesses as much as it does larger raises. I think sometimes we don’t make this point enough.

Thanks again for the review, and for the time getting to know our project, we really appreciate it.

I dont really see anything new here compared to some of the other platforms. I have a numbers of concerns, founders pool can be up to 20% in the white paper and that is a lot without disclosing how the vesting works and what the KPIs are and ladders for the founders. I would like to understand the type of premium being discussed for insuring investments as gut feel would suggest this is not workable as the udnerwriter will price it too high. I dont see so much upside on token, there are so many areas of downside pressure , the companys receiving OAK who then sell it (the liquidity reserve to hedge that wont last long..), they will use Bancor so will use company reserves again to protect the channels on the buy and sell side. I can see company reserves being wiped out very fast with this model plus Bancor. Its also a lot fo money for dev etc on the raise when you look at teh type of tools being talked about , I owuld be more confident if I saw a lot more allocated to legals and reg if they are truely going to go global. Don’t really understand the hype on this one

Free and Democratic crowdfunding in any country with experienced adviser, looking forward to the platform.

Yet another crowdfunding.
The team looks solid, but the project itself doesn’t create any additional value to existing solutions.
What we need is not an another global crowdfunding platform but a easy and convenient way to connect local businesses with local community and help them benefit from this bond.

Hi Mike, Thanks very much for the review! The additional solutions we’re trying to add are that the platform is free to use and available in many countries that struggle to access crowdfunding. You’re absolutely right about the need for community projects to have access too, it really is where the heart of the project is — we want to be global but locally-available with a network of accelerators helping with support and local outreach. There’s a significant part of the ICO given over to a Project Incentive Fund that gives accelerators the resources to do just that.

I really appreciate the review and your support.

Good team with diverse backgrounds and personalities. Interesting idea, that can serve locals and less developed countries, where traditional crowdfunding platforms may ignore them.

Technical paper is good starting point of how all this can be fulfilled (still early version 0.4). Every participant can see actual work is put on visualization of processes, flows,etc.

Creating a global field for crowdfunding is favorable intention, still Pre-ICO is coming soon, and we expect to see more from these guys.

Acorn Collective, commonly called just ‘Acorn’, is a crowdfunding platform with the mission to provide “free crowdfunding for any legal project in any county.”

Pretty high cap and I feel that the team is lacking some experience. However, the team together with the advisory board provides a pretty well-established and adequate total picture.

That crowd funding is going to play an important role in the society of the future cannot be denied. With Acorn Collective, the entry barrier to the activity is kept to a minimum thereby getting the involvement of the most people.

This is bound to create a deeper penetration of the funding option as well as get people involved in social causes even more.

In fact the very field of Venture Capital needs to have a relook to the manner in which funds are collected for the reason that crowd funding can make the raising of seed capital all the more easier.

On the flip side, the technology in use is still to be proven in the long run but from the initial promise, there can be little doubt that this is the fund raising option of the future.

The ICObench contains very few ratings followed by comprehensive reviews. When assessing projects experts just give them marks without explanation or analysis. I write a review for those people who would like to understand the main idea of a project, get to know the key features, pros and cons of the White Paper, website, benchmarks and indicators of the ICO. If after reading a review you get interested in the project you can make a thorough study of it.

Crowdfunding is a form of alternative finance, a practice or method to raise a desired sum of money from a large group of people via the internet, utilizing the social media version of fundraising. This model is typically helping businesses, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and many others to raise a large amount of money by persuading individuals ito donate to their projects, products or services. Crowdfunding campaigns are more successful today as compared to the normal investment methods and have witnessed funds flowing in billions of dollars for crucial projects. Pledgers have been seen to donate anything between $1 to $10,000 for a project cycle. More and more people are turning to crowdfunding to raise small or large funds from donors online, growing into a multi-billion-dollar charity industry. With an approximate 600 crowdfunding platforms all over the world, crowdfunding raised an estimated fund of $530 million in 2009, $1.5 billion in 2020, $2.7 billion by 2020 to $6.1 billion by the end of 2020. 2020 saw companies and individuals raise nearly $16.2 billion through crowdfunding, which was 167% more than what was raised in 2020. The crowdfunding statistics for 2020 reports a global amount of $34 billion raised. The projection of the crowdfunding industry is expected to grow over $300 billion by 2025. It is really a whole new world of investment. With online crowdfunding platforms, entrepreneurs and small businesses can seek funding for various inventions and projects from unaccredited investors. This new fundraising model helps startups and entrepreneurs find the capital they need to launch a business. Moreover the crowd is actually a great option for people to raise money from. That is because when you convert the crowd into investors, they will automatically be your marketers, your evangelists, and will really do good work in terms of getting the word out on your company. Today, major crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter are widely popular, but they don’t operate worldwide. Acorn Collective promises to change the face of crowdfunding using blockchain technology. The Acorn Collective is seeking to raise up to $50 million (the pre-sale funding target is $5 million that allows to create an MVP) to develop a new platform which will make crowdfunding globally accessible and free to all legal start-up projects, irrespective of their geographical location. By funding through an ICO and utilising the Ethereum blockchain, the Acorn Collective will eliminate the traditional 3-5% transaction fees and 5% platforms fees normally associated with other crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo or digital currency based platforms such as KickICO and FundYourselfNow. Acorn will also contribute to projects by providing a selection of fee-based services. Those services include all of the following — legal assistance, marketing, sourcing and manufacturing, technical help including the development of web, mobile, and blockchain applications, accounting and taxes, translations. During the ICO, a fixed number of Acorn tokens, OAK (ERC-20 standard token), will be made available, which can then be used for all transactions on its crowdfunding platform or for exchange of additional value-added services such as the post-campaign marketplace, marketing support or point-of-sales payment application. The OAK token allows for cheap and fast transactions within the Acorn Collective ecosystem, including all transactions between backers, companies and consumers through a single token. There is a fixed supply of 90 million OAK tokens. 80% of the total supply is reserved for ICO contributors, 16.66% is reserved for the company (under time lock for up to 2 years), and 3.33% is reserved for bounties and community rewards. The OAK token will also have token growth and stability mechanisms. These tools are designed to support OAK prices. The WP is actually well written and does a good job in transmitting the main concept and there is a lot of background information to provide a backdrop to the reasoning behind this project. There are also shorter versions — “OnePager” and “Technical Paper” (19 pages) documents on the website, essentially explaining the problem and the solution proposed by Acorn Collective platform. It is worth noting that there are 135 registered project founders who are already waiting to be crowdfunded on the platform. The team behind Acorn was formed in Q3-Q4 2020. The WP lists a core team and advisors of 22 persons with finance, technical, marketing and commercial expertise. The project is backed by the community in the Telegram chat (more than 2,300 participants), Twitter (around 7000 followers), Facebook (more than 11000 followers). There are also threads in the Bitcointalk forum. Overall, it’s a good idea, nice vision and I hope that the project with this experienced team will be successful. Acorn’s ICO is underway until March 2020.

Acorn Collective OAK

Crowdfunding for Everyone

  • Project Type Token
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Symbol OAK
  • Circulating Supply None specified
  • Total Supply None specified
  • Max Supply 65,000,000
  • Primary Sector Finance
  • Jurisdiction United Kingdom


Dr. Moritz Kurtz

Digital currency investor, entrepreneur, doctor and dog lover. Moritz has coupled his 4 years in anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency medicine with a passion for entrepreneurship and a belief that creating successful companies should be available to anyone with the passion to create them.
Having launched web businesses and run successful digital marketing campaigns for a decade, Moritz believes technology brings business within reach of everyone, everywhere. He believes that crowdfunding and blockchain can be harnessed as the key tools to help that vision succeed, fostering the next chapter for humans in the information age.

Peter-andreas Kurtz

Peter-Andreas Kurtz is a corporate finance specialist with over 40 years working for top European banks in Frankfurt, New York, London and Hong Kong. His expertise in MA with some of the world’s best-known brands has given him a deep understanding of financial risk management and analysis.

Peter now brings his unique insights to SMEs. With a passion for small businesses and start-ups, Peter believes every enterprise should have access to the expertise and funding it needs to thrive.

Charles Edward Earle

Ed is a software engineer and architect with over ten years experience in delivering small scale and ERP systems. A professional Scrum Master, Ed’s fascinated by InfoSec and DevSecOps protocols, and is also currently working on a new Agile process framework that focusses on assuring quality for agency-style multi-client software development lifecycles.

In odd moments of free time, Ed’s part of a group that contributes to and promotes QAA web standards as well as renovating a Victorian house. The web standards are much more straightforward.

Edward Lobbett

Ed’s the co-founder and CEO of Hoppr, a big data platform that provides the link between digital marketing and offline retail transactions.

Ex-South West Chairman of the Institute of Consulting in the UK, Ed has created, owned and consulted for start-ups and traditional businesses for over a decade.

Simon Minton

Simon is an EMEA go to market specialist in the cyber security industry as well as an experienced start-up advisor with a London accelerator.

Specialising in advising companies levering emerging technologies to build novel platforms, Simon is a former investing Non-Executive Director in the UK who now helps fast-growing tech start-ups to make their ideas a reality.

Helene Boscardin

Following her studies in languages, business and international relations in France, China & Singapore respectively, Hélène moved to Indonesia to do field work for the humanitarian project of both international and local NGOs for several years. Since 2020, she is back home in France, where she is working as Global Health Partnerships Manager at an international NGO for access to medicines in middle-income countries. She believes community based organizations are the best vessel of change and that local initiatives need more support. She enjoys travelling, learning languages, scuba-diving, cinema and reading.

Toby Tucker

A recent business graduate from the University of the West of England, Toby’s a keen entrepreneur in his own right, running a successful events company followed by Kanyefest, a national touring club night featured on Radio 1 and national press in the UK.

Like the rest of the team, Toby has been connected with small startups and entrepreneurship on a personal level, and shares Acorns vision of making enterprise more available to communities worldwide through better funding.

With great insights into social media mechanics and community-building, Toby’s focus is to help spread the word about Acorn through social and forum channels and help manage our ad campaigns.

Tristan Jago

Tristan comes to Acorn from 6+ years working in PR and marketing working with a wide range of international companies. He is responsible for inbound marketing strategy, planning and evaluating campaigns that will give Acorn the global recognition it deserves.

Working for Acorn fits perfectly with his love for the crypto space. As a bonus, he enjoys working in a fun, friendly environment with people who are genuinely enthusiastic about making this the best crowdfunding platform in the world.

Ben Webb

With a degree in Marketing, lengthy experience of business development and a passion for exciting ideas, Ben’s skills have seen him work across a variety of industries on a wide scope of projects.

From starting his own business to engaging with the C-Suite from the world’s biggest brands, his focus has always been on the people behind the ideas. A cheerleader for making the world a more accessible place for all and the democratising power of technology to achieve this.

Edward Dench

Serial entrepreneur always working in new technologies. Co-founder of one of the first social Wi-Fi platforms. Co-founder of Hoppr App, disrupting all discounting and marketing channels for the hospitality industry.

Ed’s also currently working on a programme to create an incubator providing growth and development opportunities for young entrepreneurs and startups.

Rory Stanway

Rory is responsible for analysing and developing Acorn’s digital marketing strategy – from tweets, to Telegram, Facebook and website analytics.

As a marketing graduate from the University of South Australia he is passionate about using his skills for good, and has a particular interest in sustainability and politics.

With a background in pro-social start-ups, he is well placed at Acorn Collective. A previous role saw him working for a niche sustainable food start-up, providing employment opportunities for disadvantaged Aboriginal people in Australia.

He is enjoying being a part of an incredible team dynamic and working hard every day to make the start-up vision real.

Jamie Conoley

Jamie is Acorn’s in-house cameraman and graphic design extraordinaire – he is responsible for much of the company’s visuals, videos and graphic design.

His career so far has seen him work as a camera operator in Vienna, as well as working for Jamie Oliver’s video production unit creating social content and graphics.

Jamie enjoys the excitement of working in a start-up with the potential to help people around the world crowdfund their ideas and businesses.

Tayana Simons

Tayana heads up the marketing department managing all marketing channels and outgoing content. She is also the resident copywriter writing most of Acorn’s marketing copy, material and articles.

She comes to Acorn after a varied career from working in television managing content teams, to project managing for NGOs overseas. Most recently she has been freelancing as a copywriter, writing about everything from stem cells, to holidays and nutrition.

Working for Acorn has been an exciting development in Tayana’s career, she feels strongly that if you have an idea that you believe in enough, you should have the opportunity to make it happen. She is looking forward to seeing projects become a reality as the platform evolves.

Jan Monks

Jan is Acorn’s self-proclaimed ‘King of Spreadsheets’. As the gatekeeper to the CRM his task is to maintain and develop our customer base, whilst making sure our company administration and systems are watertight.

After a year of studying philosophy, politics and ethics at university, Jan decided he would learn more from full-time employment. Since then he has worked in a variety of industries including managing administration at a laser measurement company.

Jan is enjoying the challenge and excitement of working at a rapidly growing company and being an integral part of a game-changing idea.

Phil Osmond

Phil sits at the heart of Acorn’s platform development. Answering the all-important who, what, when and why throughout the platform build.

Phil comes to us from a background in development with a strong focus on the users’ needs. He is passionate about helping businesses to grow through the power of technology, and building products that people want to use.

Away from the office, Phil is a culinary connoisseur, and can never be found too far away from ‘some sort of food or drink or both.

“I’m looking forward to joining the journey, rolling up my sleeves and helping make the Acorn platform a reality!”

Dan Pidcock

It’s Dan’s job to make sure Acorn is usable, accessible and enjoyable for everyone. He’s worked with some major FTSE100 brands but specialises in working with innovative start- ups. Dan has a strong belief in the power of accessibility, and that designing for users with extreme needs is the path to a better product for everyone.

He says that creating a platform that is truly global and works across cultures will be the biggest challenge and the most rewarding part of working at Acorn Collective.


Tom Keirl

Tom is at the core of our software development at Acorn Collective, helping to shape and deliver the platform from a technical perspective.

He comes from 15+ years in the software industry in a range of sectors from retail EPOS solutions, to high net wealth markets and asset management solutions.

“I’m excited to be engaging my talent towards a more noble cause above generic financial services. I’m looking forward to providing a financing platform that will open up funding to developing nations, so that they have an equal opportunity to prosper.”

Tom Richards

Tom comes to Acorn after 10 years working as a software engineer with 5 years experience successfully leading the development of products through the entire SDLC.

Tom guides Acorn’s technical solutions, security mitigations, whilst helping to design, implement and optimise the SDLC. He will help to support the live product and contribute towards the continuous application development.

Away from work, when he’s not chasing after his son or cycling around the Mendips, Tom loves to get to grips with new technologies with an aim to directly or indirectly improve his capabilities and that of the team.

“I feel proud to be working on a product which will have a positive impact on the world and be involved in the development of a platform in such an exciting technical space right from its inception.”

Steven Markey

Steven’s job is to ensure the quality of the software produced at the Acorn Collective. He is laying the foundations for an automated test phase to the release process to facilitate frequent releases of new features & improvements.

Steven has 11 years combined experience of Software Testing and Development, having worked in Finance, Fashion, Business Operations & Procurement software sectors.

In his down-time he likes to brew, performs at open mic nights and dabbles in personal software projects utilising third-party APIs like Spotify & Songkick.

«I’m really excited about the plan to provide accessible crowdfunding worldwide. I’ve found the strength of the team and the real culture of inclusion at the Acorn Collective to be inspiring and I’m looking forward to making a real difference.»

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